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Sarah is expert in facilitating conversation and in-depth enquiry. Her 20 years of private therapeutic practice has a direct, gentle and intuitive approach and with finely tuned listening skills provides a unique strategy for understanding.  

Currently a student of Esther Perel's Sessions program for relationships, sexuality and couples therapy Sarah's consultancy covers couples, women's health and complete family wellbeing.

"All that we are is manifested out of relationship either with ourselves, others who influence us or our exterior environment. When we can differentiate between the self and everything else we find a place of original peace. This journey is one of therapeutic enquiry to individualization and self-love." 


Sarah's studies, specialities and practice are in counselling, relationships, homeopathy, flower essences, nutrition, detoxification, supplementation, bio feedback, esoteric studies, tantra, NLP, shamanic practice, tibetian medicine, meditation and women's circles, creative visualization, the chakra system, the endocrine system and environmental sustainability. 

Sarah originally trained as a concert violinist and has spent many years performing internationally. Whilst raising her two children holistically in Spain and London she observed the subtle balance the environment plays in the organic body and at the same time the relationship of the individual within the family dynamic. 

Happily divorced she lives between London and Ibiza. 

In 2016 Sarah was part of the What Women Want campaign at the UN in NYC.


Beautiful Space is a Couples Wellness retreat and program. Hosted in stunning locations around the world in beautiful retreat centres we remind couples of the desire between them by giving them space and practice in Tantra, Yoga and Relationship Guidance. At Beautiful Space intimacy starts with one.


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Sarah Tilley LTCL MLCH CMA

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